About Perfection Property Management

Perfection Property Management Ltd is an Edmonton based company, servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas. We strive on offering innovated and creative residential property management services that provide its existing and prospective clients with personalized support services that ensures long term stability between the property owner, Tenants and our company. In short Perfection and its clients become “Partners” in the pursuit and the achievement of mutual goals and objectives. This can be achieved by offering one on one personalized customer service to our clients.

You the client will be our primary focus, we can assure you that you’re needs, questions and concerns will be addressed in an appropriate and timely fashion. The same service and care will be presented to the tenants as Perfection Property Management strongly believes that a happy tenant makes for a happy owner. With these accomplished we then “LIVE UP TO OUR NAME”

Perfection Property Management is proud to share with you our Vision, Mission and Values statement that are followed on a daily basis.


Vision: We will strive to be a competitive property management company in our community; we will demand and offer the best for our customers. The value of Perfection Property Management will be top of mind.

Mission: To provide clients with pristine, personal and professional property management services. To deliver outstanding customer service to our clients while maintaining our family focused values.

Values: We recognize that our customers are the most valued asset of our company. We acknowledge that the quality and performance of our company are the key factors in achieving success.