We were trying to sell our house and it was just not the right time within the market place,we needed to do something as we had decided to move to a different province. We had spoken with Teresa (Owner of PPML)and were pleased with her presentation, she is very friendly and knowledgeable in the rental field,with that being said we decided to put our property up for rent as we were moving in just a couple of weeks. The property was rented in a timely fashion (the new tenants moved in within hours of us leaving) so didn’t have to incur rental loss on the property. Perfection has just made the entire process very stress free for us and would gladly recommend the company to anyone looking for a Residential Property Management services. We would also like to note that that we receive the rental money regularly the same day every month as per our contract agreement with Perfection.

~ Olesya and Alex


I hired Perfection Property Management to look after my fourplex in Spring 2010. I have had this property for 10 years and was never really satisfied with my old property management company.


I have found Teresa to be a refreshing change as a property manager. She has the same care and concern for my property as I do as an owner. I am especially impressed with her willingness to listen to my concerns and adjust her management procedures to address these concerns.


It has truly been a pleasure to work with Teresa, I am confident that I will see an increased return on investment with Perfection as my property manager.

~ Lyle Garstad


“The mark of a good management property isn’t when things are going smoothly but when things are a little tougher.  I have had Perfection Property Management for almost a year now.  Teresa’s communication has been excellent, and consistent. I left Teresa with some great tenants in my one suite and terrible tenants in my other suite.


The attention and dilligence which she provided was impressive!  The trouble tenants had eviction notices given the day after their rent either bounced or was not given.  She then proceeded to get new tenants who have not been any problem.


Also she has been excellent in dealing with housing issues, from a few plumbing issues to quite a few minor faults that occur in an older home, her trades people have been great and reasonably priced.

I have already recommended PPM to my friends and have personally been very pleased with her service.”

~ Blain Vandersteen


“It was an nightmare trying to manage the property by myself. As an industrial electrician I spent most of my time out of town, With Teresa managing my property I no longer need to worry about my property while I am away.”

~ Joe .D.


“Teresa delivers on her promises. She has always deposited our rent and responded to our tenants in a timely manner. Since we are so far away, it is a relief to have her taking care of our property.”

~ Lisa & Ken