A Conversation with Women in Business

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A Conversation with Women in Business

I had just recently gone to an Evening with Arlene Dickinson (one of the hosts on the hit TV show the DRAGONS DEN) and Owner of Venture Communications, her business is noted as one of the top 50 companies in Canada. This had to be one of the most wonderful experiences I have had, first off I got to meet such an inspiring entrepreneur from one of my favourite hit TV shows, how exciting is that!! Second the room was filled with so many other amazing women entrepreneurs, it was an evening of great food, great company, lots of laughter, inspirational stories plus I was able to do some networking for my business, most of all it left me feeling very inspired and energized in continuing to grow my business.

There were many questions answered that evening and Arlene had lots to say on many different topics, she touched base on the biggest trends in marketing today, mentoring on how it’s the ability to listen and a willingness to learn and to share. For someone starting off in their own business is to be true to yourself, Are you up for a long journey, hard work and dedication?  You should be all to your business and acknowledge that “you” are the challenge to your business, find the successor in you! She also touched base on the work/life balance (50/50) she mentioned she was not a believer in the 50/50 balance concept; balance is whatever makes you happy not the equation but what makes you truly happy (this is a quote I stand by) But the most that stood out to me was the comment on how we should be proud to be Canadians, we have so many great opportunities in this wonderful country, so many take for granted what we have available to us, I am Thankful  for the opportunities that were opened to me  as I have now changed my dream to a reality by becoming my own entrepreneur and look forward to my many up coming challenges and triumphs to come.

~ Teresa Sobolewski