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About Our Services

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Who We Are

Perfection Property Management Ltd. offers residential property management services for privately owned houses, condos and apartment buildings in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.


Screening Process of Prospective Tenants

  • Require Complete Application to be submitted
  • Extensive screening through credit check
  • Check on employment references
  • Check on past/current landlord references


What Our Management Services Cover

  • Secure first months rent and damage deposit prior to tenant occupancy
  • Arrangements of property showings (days, evenings and weekends included)
  • Collections of rental fees
  • Complete lease agreement
  • Complete move in and out inspection reports
  • Delegate maintenance requests on behalf of the tenants an owners
  • Perfection uses experienced tradesmen and technicians; we ensure they all carry WCB Insurance. (WE NEVER MARK UP CONTRACTOR COSTS)
  • Manage complaints, we deal with such issues right away, nothing is left unanswered
  • Regular home inspections of the property inside and out
  • Process and hand out eviction notices and 24 hour notice to enter according to the Tenant Advisory Board.
  • 24 Hour Emergency customer service
  • Electronically deposit rental fees into your bank account, no later than the 15th of the month, at that time a monthly statement of account is emailed on the same day.


Monthly Management Fees

Perfection Property Management fees are $175/Month plus GST

The initial fee for setting up your property to cover for marketing costs is $450, if the property is rented before the fee is used up the remainder is reimbursed back to the client.

The money is spent diligently to the most effective sources of advertising for your property, sites we have used many times and have had great results, plus for free we advertise on our website.

Our primary benefit for the customer is going to be the freedom/peace of mind knowing that their investment property has someone overseeing the day to day concerns. Much like having a financial advisor that is keeping track of your financial portfolio – the customer isn’t always having to check to see what’s going on and worrying about missing something critical.